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Enable your current and upcoming leaders to reach their full potential in four key areas that must work in perfect harmony: business savviness, team management skills, leadership aptitudes, and mindset mastery.
Take your performance to the next level and discover a better version of yourself by fine-tuning your skillset.
With our extensive experience and expertise, we resolve any HR operational challenges to ensure seamless operations and optimal performance for your company.


of senior leaders agree that 21st-century leaders need to develop the ability to lead through more complex and ambiguous work environments


of HR leaders agree that building critical skills and competencies rank at their #1 priority for their companies


of senior leaders agree that 21st-century leaders need to develop the ability to lead through influence

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UpStart for UpLeaders Ad-hoc one time session intended for consulting or express advice.
UpPace for UpLeaders For real results and development; get a discount for a commitment of at least 4+ sessions.
UpSpeed for UpLeaders For real long term results; get a discounted price for a commitment of 9 sessions or more.
3 Services
UpStart for UpSkills Ad-hoc one time session intended for consulting or express advice.
UpPace for UpSkills For real results and development; get a discount for a commitment of at least 4+ sessions.
UpSpeed for UpSkills For real long term results; get a discounted price for a commitment of 9 sessions or more.

In cartography, we use the term "waypoint" as a point of reference in our map to guide us to where we want to go. Uplevel helped me understand my own waypoints and where the finish line is. I also learned that this finish line should always keep moving forward. I learned about the habit of reaching for more, striving to face challenges, understanding my surroundings to transform them. Make an effort to be better. Learn by doing. Take actions. Take risks and focus on what you want. This has been not only my experience with Uplevel, but it has also become my everyday attitude.

Alejandro SotoAgricultural Planning & Services Manager, TicoFrut S.A.

I had the privilege to work with Carolina from 2008 until 2015 at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, period during which I witnessed the highest quality of planning and execution in the role she performed. Carolina represents a generation that quickly responds to arising needs; she was able to understand and propose solutions to challenging goals related to Business Transformation, and in addition to Innovate business processes and models to adapt the organization to the evolving nature of the company.

Maria Luisa GonzalezGlobal HR Operations Expert

I had the great pleasure and honor to work with Carolina during two years, I would say people like Carolina are not easy to find, focused on results but also contemplating the most important aspect of why we are doing business, our people! By building bridges instead of walls, along with our HR department and leadership team, she did not only improve and change the way we managed our people, but also changed dramatically the way our leadership team was doing things and how we were thinking. We are now a best place to work because of her work, lowering our attrition and changing our mindset. Therefore, if you want your company to succeed, Carolina is the answer!

Alex ArayaSite Director, Prodigious Latin America

In HP, we had multiple accounts and up to 1000 employees to care for with our management team.
It was during this time that Carolina joined us as an HR liaison to support the many different scenarios Human Capital creates in an organization.

Together with Carolina we where able to create and environment where Managers and Supervisors had a unified approach to deliver coaching to the employees. This was particularly important because it contributed to the better execution of the Performance Managements processes carried out by Operations in conjunction with Training and QA.

Thru the months we were able to work in a synergetic way, we saw how the business changed the course of the attrition that went from 26% annualized to single digits in a matter of 18 months. This helped reduce cost and increase the level of Quality for the different accounts.
There are many other areas in which Carolina engaged with us successfully bring an open mindset to help align processes with Ops.

Vladimir QuirosContact Center Professional

UpLevel has been integral to our overall success at Smash.CR, Caro is like an extended member of our executive team.
For a fraction of the cost, we get all of the benefits of deep insights that guide our long-range strategies and complex HR actions.

Caro has helped us by coaching failing employees to help them develop their personal brand and become good performers, represented us when dealing with the Legal and HR Department of a difficult client in a difficult situation, advised us on critical changes in our executive team and even provided insights when it comes to pricing and client acquisition.

In short, we owe part of our success Carolina Venegas.

Kelly PhillipsCEO, SMASH.CR

Caro and UpLevel have been fundamental in the improvement and growth of SMASH.
We are truly fortunate to have them as our 'HR buddy.' Their experience, dedication, and ability to navigate and strategize HR matters are key, and I highly recommend them to any organization or person looking to enhance their HR capabilities and the development of their employees.

Sofia AlfaroClient Manager, SMASH.CR

Being a people leader for almost 9 years, sometimes I'm a bit skeptical about development offerings presented to corporate customers, where scenarios tend to be excessively simplified and differ a lot from the challenges we face in our day to day.

Since Day One I noticed this program was not just a 'one-size-fits- all' recipe but something tailored to my needs, designed after completing a 360 assessment, taking into account my own feedback and also flexible enough to make adjustments along the way, as business needs changed.

Carolina is a great coach who demonstrates a genuine interest in people development and is there to guide us throughout our journey.

I'm thankful to HPE Costa Rica for this opportunity and I'm looking forward to continuing to apply these learnings in my professional and personal life.

Eleonora EcheverriaLAR Collections Manager

After 12 years in the same company, I felt stuck and not motivated at all in my day to day work.
After the 12 weeks coaching program with Carolina, my professional career completely changed.
I found the common point of demotivation and find new challenges that allow me to move my career forward.
It also helped me finding areas of growth on things that I've been doing it the same way for years!

I'm recommending UpLevel and Carolina's coaching to whoever feels the same way I did or is looking to take their career to the next level. This program is what you need to do that!

Kattia ChavesProject and People Manager

This program gave me new tools to improve my skills as a manager, not only on how to manage my direct reports, but also on how to help them be successful in their roles; therefore helping the team and the organization be successful as well.

I definitely recommend this coaching sessions, to me the experience was amazing and of great value!

Enrique GutierrezGlobal Operations Manager

I will strongly recommend this program to any people leader, beginners and seasoned leaders.

Getting to understand my inner abilities and looking inside my own personal behaviors and essence helped me realize we all carry a super power.

No matter how small or how big that power is, each of us have something meaningful and big to offer in life.

Leaving behind wrong conceptions of how things must work and turning the page helped me get to a new, best version of me.

Emily RiveraPresales Manager

Carolina was just great in the way she handled the plan overall. It was just “fit for purpose” and a lot of valuable information was shared along those sessions. I definitely recommend Carolina moving forward as a great coach, mentor but also as a great person to work with. I will definitely keep following her, she has inspired me and will definitely recommend her in the future. Thanks Caro for your dedication and candid conversations along the way, I definitely can sense today a better version of myself because of YOU.

Hector AlburquerqueLatin America and Caribbean Operations Manager

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