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Live and on-demand seminars that make high-performance a reality.

An extraordinary company,
starts with their people.

That’s why UpLevel is in the business of helping your people perform at their greatest potential. And it all starts with having a top-level mindset. 

With our UpLab seminars, your company can choose from our expertise catalog to find a match with  your current business needs. 

Each seminar lasts 1 hour and includes a toolkit based on the topic. All seminars are delivered live and virtually, with the option of Q&A. 

Our Catalog

Some of our topics on efficiency:

  • Distractions that sabotage your progress 
  • How to make progress instead of being busy 
  • How to get things done: organizing your day for maximum progress 
  • How to prioritize the right way 
  • Stress-free productivity 
  • Why multitasking does not work 
  • Ditch the To Do List and create a Success List 
  • How to block time to achieve success 
  • Planning tips: prepare for a successful day, every day 
  • Done is better than perfect: go for progress, not perfection 
  • Priorities that matter 

Some of our topics on influence:

  • Influence principles: UPL influence framework 
  • Serve something more than your needs 
  • The only way to influence people is to understand what they need and desire 
  • Emotions triumphs intellect: move people through emotions 
  • Learn how to read surroundings to encourage the desired action 

Some of our topics on career development:

  • Find your Zone of Genius 
  • Understand your personal brand 
  • Personal brand versus personal branding 
  • Define your professional values 
  • Create your personal branding strategy 
  • Career growth versus career development: understanding the difference

What our clients say about us

We’ve been working with Smash Costa Rica, a company dedicated to help US companies build exceptional developer teams in Costa Rica. This is some of the feedback we’ve received so far:

I have liked the Time Management workshop the most because this was one of the areas that I often struggle with!

Being in the IT field, personal development is an area that often gets forgotten. It's great to have time to work on this

The practical hands-on exercises are great!