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UpLevel Development Dashboard

Enter a new level of clear, tracked performance

Because we believe that no transformation can happen without clear communication & consistent and tracked actions, we have developed a one stop virtual center that not only provides access to personalized content but that leverages the best practices of project and performance management with every UpLevel service between your mentor and yourself.

Each UpLevel service is then treated as a serious life project. 

Sign Up

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with a user ID and password to access it. In this email, you'll also find your Starter Kit which establishes your written commitment to your transformation journey.


You’ll get a project assigned with milestones and tasks tailored to the UpLevel service selected. These will keep us on track per every weekly session.

Project Information

Within each project you’ll find a brief description, start and end dates, overall milestone and tasks list, project notes (which are personal for you to take notes during each session) and shared files or messages.


These are stages within the UpLevel Success Roadmap.


Your assigned tasks are the actions that allow us to complete milestones. These can range in nature: from exercises or essential reading materials that are part of your UpLevel Success Roadmap, to reviewing your UpLevel 360 Assessment results and completing your FollowUP action plans. All of these are time sensitive and might have attachments for you to review.


You’ll be able to update tasks as we progress in our journey, provide feedback and add attachments to them too.

Track your Time Investment

You’ll also have an “Add time” functionality that lets you track how much time you’re investing on every task.

Easy Tools to Keep You Organized

You can easily track your overall progress in “My Work” menu, where you’ll find the following submenus:

• “My Messages” which is your official UpLevel messaging system for assistance outside your weekly online sessions (you’ll be notified every time there’s a new message via email).

• “My Tasks” which are the specific actions within UpLevel Success Roadmap.

• “My Calendar”, a birds eye view of your overall sessions, milestones and tasks assigned to you.

In case you missed it in your email… Access Your Starter Kit Here

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Getting Started: Log In & Main Screen

Next Steps: My Work

Next Steps: Projects, Milestones & Tasks

UpLevel Enterprise Dashboard

An UpLevel Enterprise Dashboard is exclusively offered for corporate level clients so you can track in a single place the progress of the different coachees and their projects, certifications, ongoing or proposed contracts, invoices and even create a new quote or support requests from here.