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So, you start doing something hyped as hell, but then you lose all your focus and don’t know why. If your answer is yes, don’t worry. I have been there as well.

There is one thing that has helped me the most to understand why this happens. And I learned it from no other than Tony Robbins. I cannot recall if it was a video, an article, or a program I signed up to, but here’s my big Aha! Moment:

You will avoid that which you don’t feel motivated enough to do. 

Does it ring any bells? I can clearly see a connection between those projects I had invented a million excuses for why I cannot complete, with the fact that I simply didn’t have any interest in them. 

Without any further adieu, here are the three things that will make you lose focus and sabotage your success

You will avoid anything that doesn’t feel motivating enough.

You must learn how to say NO to that which you don’t really want to do. That will save you a lot of frustration and pointless negotiation with your most responsible side, which tries to make you do the things you are committed to. 

You will pursue immediate pleasure.

I am talking about IG, Tik tok, Netflix letting you know that they just released the new season of your favorite show, and so on. You must help yourself by removing distractions as much as you can.

Help your brain to focus on the task without having the burden of knowing that the last season of This Is Us is waiting for you on Amazon Prime. (By the way, if you watch This is Us, please tell me that you’re #teamJackPearson too)

You will tend to the demands and priorities of other people.

And here I am not only talking about your mom calling to ask you how to shop online. Or your friend texting you with his or her latest job crisis. I am talking about your inbox as well. 

How many times have you been in the middle of creating something important when an email comes in, and you MUST read it immediately? Then you answer it because, since you already read it, you might as well reply at once.

And just like that, you lost the focus on what you were creating. And you tended to other people’s schedules, not yours. 

After learning about the three things that make you lose your focus, how can you plan your day for ultimate success? 

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