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There is nothing as annoying and energy-draining as spending most of your day doing something you don’t care about. Am I right?

Sadly, we often go about our days on autopilot and hardly ever stop to question ourselves if what we are doing makes sense to us or not. Well, today, I want you to change the way you approach your days. I want you to be effective and productive on what matters the most. 

There is a direct link between being more productive, having more energy, and feeling more satisfied with what you accomplish. It all connects to my favorite word: Purpose. 

If you have a clear purpose, you will engage more, become more efficient, and feel more energized. So that’s why I want you to go over the exercise below and challenge yourself to become productive on what matters

I want you to focus on things that will help you become a better person and get you closer to your dreams and goals. 

These questions come from Brendon Burchard’s High Performance programs.


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