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In my previous post, I wrote a little about why I believe New Year’s resolutions are not the best way to invest your time, and now I want you to trash them and do something way better. I know, I know, creating a whole-life plan sounds like a titanic task, and it could be a little scary, but I promise I’ll make it worth your time.

For this exercise, I am bringing high-performance coach Brendon Burchard and author Rachel Hollis, as the techniques that I want to share with you come from those two. And these techniques intend to tackle our third reason why new year’s resolutions don’t work that we cover on our last post.

In case you didn’t read that post, let me repeat something that is not negotiable: my friend, hope should never ever be your action plan into creating the kind of improvements you want for your life. So, we are not going to leave that to wishful thinking, ok? We are here to make it happen.

The 10, 10, 1 method

The 10, 10, 1 method comes from Rachel Hollis, and this is one of those things that at the moment you hear about it, it makes total sense. It’s simple, yet powerful, just the kind of resources that we love at Uplevel.

The 10, 10, 1 exercise consists of visualizing your life in ten years, and I am going to walk you through this right now. Go grab a piece of paper right now and start writing how your best life would look like in ten years. But please don’t do an “I will settle for this” statement. Do an “I will go freakin’ nuts and die happy if in ten years my life would look like this” kind of manifesto.

Once you are done, out of everything, you dreamt about to choose the top ten things that you absolutely must-have. And then, establish one goal that will get you closer to each one of those top ten dreams. And here’s the magic: get laser-focused on those goals, choosing one or two at a time until you have accomplished what you dreamt about. The key here is that you must do one thing every day that will get you closer to your ultimate goals.

Powerful reminders

If you want to ensure that you stay on track with your ultimate goals, you can take advantage of a little thing that is already controlling most of your life anyways: your mobile.

This technique comes from Brendon Burchard and is yet another simple and powerful tool that you can implement right now. Once you have decided on the one or two top priorities for the month, finish it off by setting up an alarm on your cellphone that will pop up at three different times per day. Label that alarm with something that will remind you and inspire you to evaluate if you are staying on track with your intentions. For example, if you want to get in the best shape of your life, the alarm could pop up around the time you usually want to go for a fancy sugary coffee and a brownie (which is generally midafternoon at work, right?) so you switch from autopilot to intentional actions.

Let’s close this post with the key takeaways I want you to implement right away:

Aim high, your ultimate goals shouldn’t include the words “settling down” in any way, shape or form

Get your big ass goals and transform them into little actions that you can take every day

Consistency equals success


I hope this helps you tackle those ultimate goals, and remember, your best version of yourself is waiting for you.

See you soon,

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