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Beginnings are always messy.


“Building a brand is so much fun”, they said. “Create your business, and you won’t have to work a day in your life”, they said. Did I mention that I am a psychologist, a coach… not a graphic designer?

That is how I ended up with this:

Coffee Break_CV (1)

In all honesty, I did not make that. I paid a guy from India to do it. But I provided particular instructions, so it was not his fault, it was me… and my weird obsession with coffee themes.

Soon enough, I found out that I was trying to make a coaching gig out of a cafeteria, and I changed things a bit:


Youtube CoffeeShot

I guess I was not ready to let that whole “cafeteria theme” go just yet. To my defense, CoffeeShot was the mix of Coaching + Feedback (get it?… if the answer is no, then join the club). I certainly got fascinating invitations to coffee events. But nope, I was not the owner of a coffee shop. I was a coach, and damn it, was I determined to build my brand!

Oh wait, that was the “nice version” because somewhere in the middle of that, I did this:

logo prototype

I am still not sure what in the f… I mean, is that a portal to another dimension? Is that a microchip? I can’t even…

Then Uplevel came…

It was December 2018 when I finally ditched the “cafeteria theme obsession” and moved to Uplevel. Then things slowly but surely started to fall into place. And I began to gain clarity about what I want to do, and why.

Why am I telling you this?

Because that’s how a transformation process looks like. Replace creating a brand with the area of your choice (health, fitness, relationships, etc.) Your process is going to look like a hot mess. You will have results that will leave you wondering what in the actual f… But you know what? Every step will help you discover something about you, it will make you stronger, it will help you gain clarity on your true intentions.

So, embrace the mess. Keep at it. The gold is in the journey, not the destination. And in case you ever wonder if things would get better, please let me remind you of this:

logo prototype


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