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Changing sucks…

… and here’s why.


Changing your life. Becoming the best version of yourself. Tapping into your full potential. You cannot scroll through social media without finding that theme… hell, it’s my freakin tagline. It sounds charming, and don’t get me wrong, it is the actual reason why I do what I do. But there is so much more behind a perfectly curated Instagram grid.

And I want to tell you the truth. You deserve to know how it really looks like. Because that well-curated image that you might find over social media is telling you a lie, and what is worse, could be the very reason why you are giving up on your journey.

Changing is like walking around in a room you don’t know, with the lights off

Changing is taking a leap into the unknown, and it’s scary as hell. Of course, you will be afraid. Of course, you’ll be confused most of the time. But you need to push through that moment because it will pass. It is normal that we feel that way at the beginning (if I am candid here, you’d probably feel like this all the way through the process, so get used to it), but that does not mean that you’re making a mistake.

You will try to avoid changing

Our brains exist to keep us safe. And you know what safe looks like? Like everything familiar to you. So it doesn’t matter how bad that thing if it’s familiar, you will feel inclined to keep it. So, if you’re about to go into a dark, unfamiliar room, your brain will trigger all kinds of red flags. That is your pretty brain doing what its meant to do, keeping you safe. In most cases, that is not a reflection of reality, it is just a reaction to the unknown.

It’s not about the result… because you might never get it

In the beginning, you might have an idea of what the result should look like. But as you go about your journey, that goal will change. And you need to let it evolve. Because goals are there to make us go through the process, which is the real reason why we change our life. The end result is the least important part of the process

Some of your relationships won’t fit anymore

As you evolve, some of your friends or relatives won’t be ready to grow with you. At one point, you might need to reconsider the time and energy you put into some of those relationships. You might even realize that you’d need to part from someone. Always be respectful and kind with that person that you might need to move from a little, but do not forget that we are influenced by the people we spend the most time with, and if that person is not aligned with your new intentions, it might be time to put some healthy limits in your life.

Now that we have learned that those dreadful four are just a normal part of the process, I hope that you will be better equipped to push through the discomfort. The reward of who you become when doing so is so freakin worth it.

As always, you know I am cheering for you.



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