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There is one mistake commonly made around high-performance. People hear that term, and they immediately think about their managers while talking about their performance metrics. Or that one-to-many cookie-cutter course they have had to take as per HR orders.

High-performance is often confused with someone that never gets to have fun. Maybe you believe a high-performer is that person that would wake up at 4 am to exercise for two hours. Or that person that would turn down every invitation to be a human being because he or she is too busy with crazy scheduled life

That is not true.

High performers might have a busy agenda, but its because they are purposefully investing their time on things that matter to them. They are disciplined but out of joy and motivation, not as a form of torture. 

And today, I want to share with you five ways high-performers honor their skills and show appreciation for who they are. If you feel like one of them (or all of them!) resonates with you, who knows, you might be a high-performer after all. 

They learned how to rest, not how to quit. HP’s value their skills and their purpose too much to leave what they’re doing, but a genuine HP knows when to rest and recharge. 

They don’t let themselves do less than what they know they can achieve. HP’s would never let something mediocre represent themselves; they don’t half-ass things that are valuable to them.

They look forward to being uncomfortable. HP’s actively seek learning, changing, upgrading. They reach goals and then set up new ones. And everything about that means that they will be getting out of their comfort zones, which is part of the reward itself. 

They fail a lot. Part of learning and raising their own bar will mean they will suck at something until they get better. HP’s understands that failing means improvement, not that they are not capable of doing what they want. Failing is not linked with being ashamed; it means they soon will be better.

They take care of themselves. HPs have an exercise routine, they eat healthily, they sleep well, and they check-in with their emotions often. HP also surround themselves with positive people and care about how they present themselves to the world. 

I hope that you welcome loving yourself (high-performance style) into your life if that’s not your reality already. And here’s our takeaways for this post, so you can start implementing what makes sense for you right now: 

Discipline equals self-love when you have a purpose

Takeaway #1

Dare to fail at something, it means you’re getting better

Takeaway #2

Take care of yourself, you won’t shine if you’re burned out at one or more areas of your life

Takeaway #3

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