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Is that time of the year?

You know what time—the one to complete your mid-year evaluations at work. Let me hook you up with a simple recipe to help you showcase your results. 

So you are in front of your computer. You are trying to squeeze six months of hard work into a few sections in your company’s system because you must submit your mid-year results. Am I right?

And despite being absolutely sure you have worked your butt off, you suddenly don’t know how to translate that into something your manager will recognize the same way you do.

Pitching your results can be uncomfortable or a damn enigma for you.  You don’t know how to put “I am the freaking best” into measurable bullet points. Don’t worry; I’ll hook you up. 

The Recipe

Follow this recipe and see how it will help you showcase your results in the best way:

Action + Pain Point/Gain + Result


What did you do? Was it a project, an idea, or a process improvement? 

Pain Point/ Gain

What did you resolve with it? You always want to link your work to either fix a pain point or gain something for your organization. 


Now the concrete facts. Also, include any recognitions, rewards, or appraisals you received from it. 

Here are some examples of how to showcase your results at work:

I created a Development Dashboard to help our employees keep track of their mandatory courses. With this initiative, our compliance scores went from 70% to 90%, resulting in a global recognition during the Quarterly Meeting.

I led the team’s Quality Optimization Process to reduce the number of findings received in the monthly audits. With this effort, our team’s metrics went from red to green, which the audit department of our company recognized as a significant improvement.

What’s the key to showcase your results?

You want to keep it short and straightforward, focusing on how you helped to resolve an issue. You want your manager to leave the conversation with a clear picture of what you bring to the table. So avoid any unnecessary details, which you can add verbally during your meeting. And leave a written statement that will help your manager showcase your results to upper management. 

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