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Dear fear, get out of my way.


I was working with my friend Fer from TUX Consulting on redoing Uplevel’s brand. He had done extensive market research on coaching & organizational transformation trends, and we were remapping Uplevel’s products to match that. You know, fun stuff.

As he was talking and showing me how Uplevel would look, I started hearing this little voice that kept on saying, “You are not ready to do that” ‘Are you really the right person to do this?” “You don’t know how to pull that off.”

So as we kept discussing this and that, my doubts started to take the wheel of the conversation.

“Fer, that looks great, but I am not sure I can do that” 

“Let’s save that for later when we had accomplished X” 

“Let’s wait until we are ready.” 

But I have heard this before. And not only on my own speech but on the podcasts and articles of other entrepreneurs. The impostor syndrome. That little nagging voice that tells you, “Who do you think you are: who told you that you are that special.”

So, I knew I had to do something about it because if I didn’t, from now on, the conversation would just be me putting the brakes on everything I knew I needed to move the needle on my business.

Fer, I won’t let my fears get in the way. That makes sense, and we are doing it.”

Every time I heard that voice, I said to my friend the same thing “Right now, I have doubts, but I know it’s my fear talking, and I won’t let it take control of this.” And so we move forward with the plans and dreams we had built together for Uplevel.

This is for You

I am telling you this because I know that you had battled with that nagging voice. And maybe you have let it win, you had given your power to that defeating voice, and you had let it take control of your destiny.

Every time you had opted out on doing something that made you feel alive because “you were not sure enough.” Every time you had said NO to an opportunity, because “you need to gain more experience.” Every time you have had an idea, opinion, initiative, that you put aside because “it might not be that special.” Your defeating voice had won over your skills and potential. And you have lost energy, experience, the opportunity to develop yourself, and the chance to achieve greatness.

So I am telling you this because I want you to make a promise to yourself from now on. Next time you hear that stupid voice, tell yourself the same I told myself (and my friend Fer, who became my coach for that day even if he did not sing up for it):

“I am scared right now, but I won’t let it take the wheel. I am doing this”. 

Take action. Even if you are scared. Especially if you are afraid… because that means you are getting away from your comfort zone. Take action. Greatness awaits.

With love,


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