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Increase Your Energy.


Do you have a full-time job, a house to take care of, maybe kids? Do you deal with commuting, trying to stay healthy, maintaining some sort of social life? Yes, I am there as well, #adulting sometimes feels like juggling a million balls, and you are afraid that one of those will slip away any time now, and it’d hit you in the face.

On top of that, you ́re also trying to create a side gig (or any other project), it’s safe to say that you do not have energy at the end of the day or week to put into your projects.

That was me. I was burned out, distracted by my constant bickering with my negative self that kept on saying, “You cannot continue living like this, you are not going anywhere anyway, so why waste your precious little time off on this.” I was angry that I didn’t have the energy or motivation to do the things that I wanted or needed for Uplevel. But also, I was mad that I was not allowing myself to catch a breath and just relax, like everyone else.

This is probably you, as well. And I am here to tell you, there is a workaround for all of this. I am about to share with you my top three habits to increase my energy through the day, so I can keep juggling all those areas of my life.

#Gogetter Habit Number 1: Your health is non-negotiable

You are your most valuable asset. If you are sleep deprived, you’re drinking soda or coffee as your way to keep up with your tasks, and you “reward” yourself with junk food as a stress relief mechanism, dude, you are buying a one-way ticket to crashing down.

There are no top-notch leaders that do not take care of their health above all. Google anyone that has accomplished something great, and you will find out they all have non-negotiable habits of working out, eating well, and getting enough sleep.

My personal favorites are drinking at least half my weight in ounces of water (this one comes from Rachel Hollis) exercising at least 30 minutes per day and sleeping at least eight hours per night. I also follow a vegan diet since several years ago, but you can choose whatever works for you as long as it’s healthy.

#Gogetter Habit Number 2: Active pauses

This one comes from Brendon Burchard. Every hour or so, stop whatever you are doing and move around for a minute. If you are at home, I challenge you to get up, do 20 jumping jacks or squats, 10 push-ups, and 20 sit-ups. I guarantee this will get your blood pumping, and you will have renowned energy to keep going. I know this sounds crazy, but trust me, this makes a whole difference. If I don’t move around like that, I end the day feeling crushed.

What if you’re at the office? Well, every couple of hours you can use the stairs and go up or down a couple of floors. Go out and walk for a couple of minutes.

#Gogetter Habit Number 3: Release/ Reset

Another technique from Brendon Burchard. As you go about your many activities, take one moment between each to release any tension you had accumulated from your previous task, and set a new intention for what you are about to start doing. You will start noticing that you are often burned out at the end of the day because you carried around the stress from every task you did, each one compounding into the next one, so at the end, you are just wiped out.

Releasing stress between activities, and refocusing on what you are about to do, allows you to dish unnecessary tension, and enables you to increase your intention, hence your productivity, and this will make you more efficient.

Are you ready to fire up your life with these three go-getter habits? I hope to see you take action because knowledge without action is just a waste of brain space, right?

Remember, I am always cheering for you



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